[ardour-dev] o'reilly

Them idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Tue Feb 15 19:47:36 PST 2005

Paul Davis wrote:
> i am having a conversation with an editor from o'reilly:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> This looks interesting.  Tell me more:
> -- How many people are actively using Ardour in day-to-day operations?  In
> other words, what's the installed base right now?

I'm using Ardour for my small studio, for a CD I am producng.

> -- How many downloads of Ardour have there been?

How can you measure that?  It's bundled with several distros, not to 
mention the folsk who grab CVs snapshots.

> -- Are there any "high profile" users?  For example, did Green Day record
> their latest and greatest using Ardour?


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