[ardour-dev] ardour 0.9beta25 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Feb 8 04:49:01 PST 2005

I am frankly suprised at how much has happened since 0.9beta24. Good?
Bad? You decide. Next stop: 0.99 .....

   * crossfades reworked several times, 100%
   * fixes region-fade-out handling. Short fades where not calculated
       unless at the border of a diskread buffer, Long fades would
       only start at the next buffer read, causing clicks
   * fix lack of redisplay of moved, not modified, crossfades
   * remove almost all cerr output from the source, excluding
       anything wrapped in #ifdefs or dependent on internal
       debug flags.
   * fix egregious error in butler thread that made effective
      track buffer size about 1 second
   * actually use user-specified track buffer size
   * change default track buffer size to 4 seconds
   * compute track buffer status in process() callback,
      not in GUI 
   * inactive tracks & busses are now colored a boring gray
       (they are not insensitive in any way, however)
   * fix visual layering of xfades after a region move
   * provide context menu item to change a short item
	    to a long one and vice versa
   * fix silly bug that stops the playhead cursor from moving
      if track latency is below output buffer size
      (e.g. if nothing is connected to external
            ports, and other scenarios)
   * streamline handling transport position changes in ARDOUR_UI
   * don't jump playhead at transport stop if "Follow PH" is off
   * minor but important fix for CD marker file export
   * store peak files in a dedicated directory, to provide
     a hint to filesystem block allocation algorithms not
     to interleave peak+audio files
   * fix missing region lock in Playlist::clear()
   * authors and translators names subjected to i18n 
   * "align style" combo in option editor did not
       do anything due to a string mishap. fixed,
       and strings "reverted" to older text for
       greater precision.
   * region gain mode no longer allows adding points in the name
         bar, and the region gain line is drawn entirely in
	 the waveform area.
   * region gain line is now on top of fade in/fade out, allowing
         editing when appropriate
   * fix for crashing bug during automation playback (and region
        gain playback)
   * diskstream ringbuffers are now no longer required to be 
        a power-of-two size (new ringbufferNPT class added)
   * MMC RecordPause handling patch from Rui (thanks!)
   * put xfade views back on top after a playlist modification
   * minor text changes in option editor
   * print version number at startup
   * move the point where we queue a timeout to mark a session	
      "clean after loading"
         - this fixes a race condition that can lead to
	   "corrupt" session state files that are missing
	   information like ports/connections and maybe
	   even plugins.
   * remove all sprintf() from libardour
   * lots of work on xfade state to aid with undo/redo/visibility
   * etc. etc.
   * corrected handling of tempo changes in the middle of a bar
   * the fractional part of time signatures with a fraction is
       now seen as a shorter beat at the end of a measure
   * snap to beat-divisions will work in that fraction

    (tested with 6/4 going to 3.1415972/4 with a tempo change on beat 5 going  
     from 60BPM to 3600 BPM yes, you can use ardour's metronome for 
     pulse synthesis)

   * all clocks are click draggable
       just button1-drag in a field.
       (especially handy in the zoom-span clock - real interactive 
        zoom-in and -out)
       just clicking a field will still set the keyboard focus there

   * shift click will zero a clock, but also gives the field focus for text  
       entry (shift button2 click will zero without setting focus)

       The click should only adjust the field of the clock you are
       dragging, but this is a little flaky. and it doesn't obey
       current snap settings.

   * remove all hard-coded font paths in ardour/gtk,
     replace with ardour_ui.rc encodings
   * numerous xfade fixes, including one that led
     to xfade contents being randomly played back
     at various points in time
   * do not show xfade "yellow" unless xfade is active
   * show all control points in automation tracks when
     the mouse pointer enters the track; hide them when
     it leaves.
   * allow adding of automation control points in any mouse mode
   * fix incorrect verbose canvas cursor display when moving
     mouse into gain automation control points
   * mark some un-translated menu item names for i18n
   * new "listen" mouse mode added, allowing click-on-region to audition
        specific regions (Someone *please* do a better "speaker cursor"!)
   * space bar now stops auditioning
   * auditioning works better than before (it watches for
        new audition requests while auditioning)
   * transport buttons + shuttle made insensitive when auditioning
   * "p" and "e" bindings do not select regions anymore
   * automation track cursor reset when leaving automation track
   * soundfile library "file info display" uses a text entry
       instead of a label to display full path name
   * fix crashing bug caused by incorrect handling
        of snap-to when "snapping to marks"
   * initialize button state event when synthesizing
        a keyboard event in editor keyboard stuff.
   * use --force-code=UTF-8 to allow UTF-8 text in translated strings
   * fix crashing bug(s) that arise from selecting a non-audio	
       file within the AudioLibrary "filesystem browser"
   * fix missing visual update when changing overlaps for short xfades
   * correctly exit crossfade editor when window manager "close"
       button is used
   * change crossfade actions from "Deactivate"/"Activate" to "Unmute"
       and "Mute".
   * update FAQ entry about using gdb to describe corefile generation
       and post-analysis
   * correct lack of scroll offset considerations when handling
       drag-n-drop of files from nautilus etc.
   * apply karsten's name/path-confusion-correcting patch
   * apply comment area tooltip == comment text patch (thanks!)
   * do visual relayering of tracks whenever  playlist sends
   * limit sending of "Modified" when dragging regions

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