[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat Feb 5 11:51:37 PST 2005

   * new "listen" mouse mode added, allowing click-on-region to audition
        specific regions (Someone *please* do a better "speaker cursor"!)
   * space bar now stops auditioning
   * auditioning works better than before (it watches for
        new audition requests while auditioning)
   * transport buttons + shuttle made insensitive when auditioning
   * "p" and "e" bindings do not select regions anymore
   * automation track cursor reset when leaving automation track
   * soundfile library "file info display" uses a text entry
       instead of a label to display full path name

   * libardour: 0.866.0
     ardour/gtk: 0.570.0

The CVS tarball at ardour.org has been updated to pick up these changes.

In the absence of specific bug reports for xfades (in particular) I
plan to release 0.9beta25, the last and final 0.9beta, on monday


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