[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Feb 3 21:31:52 PST 2005

  * remove all hard-coded font paths in ardour/gtk,
     replace with ardour_ui.rc encodings

  * numerous xfade fixes, including one that led
     to xfade contents being randomly played back
     at various points in time

  * do not show xfade "yellow" unless xfade is active

  * show all control points in automation tracks when
     the mouse pointer enters the track; hide them when
     it leaves.

  * allow adding of automation control points in any mouse mode

  * fix incorrect verbose canvas cursor display when moving
     mouse into gain automation control points

  * mark some un-translated menu item names for i18n

  * libardour:  0.865.0
    ardour/gtk: 0.569.0

NOTE: I would appreciate it if some of our X.org users could fix up
the ardour_ui.rc file to avoid referencing font not present with
recent X.org packages. The relevant material at this point is the
following 4 style definitions in ardour_ui.rc:

 style "first_action_message" 
 style "verbose_canvas_cursor"
 style "marker_text" 
 style "time_axis_view_item_name"
Send a patch to ardour-dev :)


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