[ardour-dev] Re: new ardour osx binary

Bruno STEVANT bruno.stevant at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 01:42:44 PST 2005

I've run into the same problem: libjack.0.dynlib is missing.
I don't know where it should be since the last version of 
ardour/OSX (0.9b19) came with bundled jack.

I did a trick to fix that: put jack back in the Ardour.app bundle
(copy bin, lib and starting script). I took the jack version of 
the previous Ardour.app, which is probably old. 

But it worked fine, and even it solved some recording problems 
i got with my firewire soundcard (Terratec Phase 24).

BTW, the correct setup should be to have Ardour running with jackOSX. 
The missing library is a blocking problem. Any idea ?

Thanks for this OSX port of Ardour, it really helps !

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