[ardour-dev] bouncing

Brett McCoy idragosani at chapelperilous.net
Thu Dec 8 04:50:04 PST 2005

Daniel Tengelsen wrote:

> Does Ardour bounce onto its master?, Or do you have to go strictly to 
> outboard gear?  I can't seem to get the tracks to go down onto the 
> master being bounced together, which makes it interesting to export as a 
> file since there is nothing on the master.  Any suggestions?  I would 
> love to hear what you guys can come up with.

"Master" is a bus rather than a track -- the difference is that a track 
has as its input an audio file whereas a buss has as its input a track 
or other bus output. So 'writing' to the master bus just sends audio 
into it, and then you decide where to output the audio to. The audio 
going into a bus cannot get written to disk, which is why you'll notice 
the master (or any other bus) have to record enable button. If you want 
to bounce your tracks to a single track, you can just send the output of 
the master to a new track (or send it out to some external 
post-processing, like Jamin and then back into an Ardour track), 
although usually you just export the session to a file.

-- Brett

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