[ardour-dev] ardour_ui.rc question

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Thu Apr 28 04:19:20 PDT 2005

Doug McLain <nostar at comcast.net>:

> The latest ardour cvs has a new default scheme, which is paving the
> way for complete control of Ardour's GUI colors from the rc file.
> The current effort is naming every single graphical element in
> Ardour, so that they can all be manipulated from the ardour_ui.rc
> file.  For example, if you would like to modify the current waveform
> color (black), search for the "waveform" style in the rc file and
> make your changes.

Doug, great work, thanks. Defaults are too dark for me, had to put down 
my sunglasses, you know. But the infrastructure you and Paul have built 
here is great. It's probably just a little step from there on to a 
color-chooser dialog with a drop-down-list of all styles with live 
update of the GUI to make everyone happy.


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