[ardour-dev] Cool idea or Crackhead ramblings

Polashek, Matthew matthew_polashek at mcgraw-hill.com
Tue Apr 26 05:45:29 PDT 2005

Right Envy24control and the hdsp mixer are both for hardware mixing.

Ok.  This brings me to a further question.  For whatever reason, I have
the impression that Ardour is intended to be used both as a live sound
mixer and as a recoding platform.  Perhaps I have the wrong idea, but I
think it's probably the most useful audio app I have ever encountered
simply because of the incredible flexibility of the I/O and bussing
possibilities.  In my secret sick fantasy world, I envision using Ardour
on a live gig to run sound and to record at the same time.  So this
brings me to the idea of administrating hardware level mixing at the
higher Ardour level.  I think it would be really great to have a section
in the mixer window where one could administrate these kinds of things
as opposed to constantly going between different windows while trying to
play the saxophone.

Another option might be to have dummy tracks that pick up hardware level
metering and send midi CC, though I don't know that either the hdsp
mixer or envy24control are able to bind.

**Sets down crackpipe**

Matthew Polashek

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Polashek, Matthew wrote:

> What if Ardour could take the place of, or integrate, envy24control or

> the hdsp mixer?  That would be neat-o!  Is this in the works?

Aren't those tools at the ALSA hardware level, wheras Ardour runs at the

JACK level (at a higher level of hardware abstraction) and isn't geared 
towards any kind of hardware implementation?  I say keep 'em separate 
and let those tools do what they do best and let Ardour do what it does 
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