[ardour-dev] minor MMC and MTC discrepancies

Christopher K. George ckg at YaleSDA.org
Mon Apr 18 06:23:24 PDT 2005

Yesterday's nightly build is the best I've seen yet.  MMC works very nicely
which is exciting!  It hasn't crashed on me, although I haven't tried to hard
to make it.  I've mostly been fiddling with MMC and MTC.  There are a couple
of minor discrepancies that I have observed:

1.  MTC:  When fast forwarding MTC follows, when rewinding, it stops sending
the time.

2.  MMC:  When moving the shuttle quickly, ardour missing MMC commands.  In
other words, if I turn the shuttle up to 4x ff quickly, the shuttle may get
stuck on 2x ff.  If I turn it slowly the problem subsides.  The problem is
much worse, and there seems to be a delay on responding to shuttle messages
when ardour is sending MTC.

3.  MMC:  I have mentioned this before.  This may be bordering on a feature
request.  My control surface sends a signal when the fader is touched, it
would be nice to be able to bind this to enable automation recording.

Ardour is looking better every day!  Wish I had more time to contribute!


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