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nick mainsbridge beatroot at optushome.com.au
Sun Apr 17 09:43:07 PDT 2005

On Sun, 2005-04-17 at 09:20 -0700, R Parker wrote:
> Hey,
> Nick, I haven't applied your patch yet. I'll try to do
> that today. There are two issues that need to be
> looked into; A. an extra start tag and B. start and
> stop positions in the TOC do no correspond with the
> positions in the locations window.
> The current TOC files include Start and Duration but
> then they also include a second declaration for the
> "/mnt/raid5/clients/squib/master/album-master01.wav" 
> 05:55:54 05:14:20
> START 00:00:01
> I don't think the "START 00:00:01" is needed. And it's
> always a strange number that doesn't correspond with
> anything that I can see in my locations.

ok. the start tag indicates the length of the pregap. if you're making a
redbook cd, you'll have your first modulation at 2 seconds exactly. the
start tag will read 2 seconds to indicate this (if your range starts on
the modulation), but the file will be used from zero in this case.
the first track's pregap is never played by the CD player. you can,
however play it by rewinding past the beginning of the first track.

for the second and onward tracks, the pregap only plays if you're
playing continuously through the CD. if you skip tracks, each track will
play from the start tag. this provides another way of 'hiding' sections.
some labels put the start tag on the beginning of the single's vocal,
for instance.

so to get a pregap, don't butt up the ranges. leave a gap. the pregap is
determined by the end marker of the previous track.

i think this is a good feature.

> I'll paste my hand written TOC in here which uses the
> exact locations that I've configured in the Locations
> CD Range Markers interface and then I'll follow that
> with the TOC file that is currently produced by
> Ardour. Beginning at the second song Ardour is
> declaring locations that do no correspond with the
> range markers.

i think the patch fixes this completely.

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