[ardour-dev] I lost the rec button bind when saving a template

Christophe Combelles ccomb at free.fr
Sat Apr 16 13:51:15 PDT 2005


I'm new to this list and I would like to thank everybody here for the
great work. I hope I will be able to contribute. I have already begun to
work on the french translation of the .po file, and I would also like to
translate the documentation.
I'm currently installing a PC with Debian/ardour/BCF2000/delta1010 for
production in a small professional recording studio, and it looks like a
test case for further installations.

I'm currently using the version found in the debian/experimental
repository, which is a very recent cvs snapshot, and I just get a few
problems (but fewer than in the beta28).

1) I could bind the record, mute, solo, pan, and fader with no problem,
and then I save the settings in a template.
When I create a new session with this template, I can find again every
midi bind, EXCEPT the record buttons. Could anyone with a MMC just test
this case to confirm he has the same behaviour ?
But if I just copy the session file onto the template file, I of course
don't have the problem.

2) I have difficulties to have a reliable bind for play/stop/fwd/rew
with the bcf2000 (upgraded to firmware 1.07; BTW, I could successfully
upgrade the firmware under Debian, the win32 tool from behringer works
perfectly under Wine, if libwine-alsa is installed!)
- Ctrl-middle click doesn't work
- with the learn mode of bcf2000 it doesn't work either
- and with the edit mode -> program to MMC/play, MMC/stop etc..., it's
not very reliable too.
Has anyone been able to reliably bind the transport buttons ?


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