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nick mainsbridge beatroot at optushome.com.au
Sat Apr 16 11:24:06 PDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-04-16 at 09:48 -0700, R Parker wrote:
> Hi,
> This is addressed to all devs but I imagine it's
> mostly a concern for Nick. I'll be replying to my own
> message to add observations as I attempt to use the
> interface.
> First Impression
> I couldn't be happier than am at seeing the locations
> interface with support for TOC based on ranges. I
> think we need to add some text fields but you've
> already started that which is great.
> I'm using the Export TOC function which Segfaults
> repeatedly after producing the following:
>     0 : EN
>   }
>   LANGUAGE 0 {
>     TITLE "master01"
>   }
> }
> ISRC "dfsg"
>   LANGUAGE 0 {
>      TITLE "friend"
>      PERFORMER "squib"
>      COMPOSER "squib"
> There are three defined CD ranges.
> Unfortunately 'scons DEBUG=1' isn't linking properly
> or something because I can't get file names and line
> numbers in my backtraces using gdb.

Firstly, the letters in an ISRC should really be capitals. i guess i
should try to force that to happen. couldn't work it out at the time.
I haven't been able to crash it myself lately, but will try soon. My
initial guess is that you're doing something non-obvious with the
markers. Something to do with the session end marker perhaps? Is it
placed somewhere odd? Do the ranges overlap?

> Notes:
> 1. COMPOSER; this field isn't supported by the
> hardware driver for my burner. I think the solution is
> to offer all available fields but to use a check box
> that makes the fields optional. This way we can
> produce a TOC for any hardware and it's relevant
> driver.

Any field thatr is left blank will not appear in the TOC

> 2. CUE file exports are outputing 00:00:00:00. I
> couldn't figure out what to do with the CUE file and
> hand edited the file to be a TOC. I had to change that
> format from hours, minutes, seconds, frames to
> 00:00:00 minutes, seconds, frames. I'm not sure if
> this is a driver issue or what the deal is. I think
> 00:00:00 is usable because one hour, 1 minute and 2
> frames can be expressed as 67:00:02.
> I'm gonna keep plodding along and will submit more
> reports as I discover things.
> ron

Maybe you could send me your session file?
Sounds like there are no ranges or something.

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