[ardour-dev] vst path

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Sat Apr 16 02:01:40 PDT 2005

How do I change the vst path ardour want's to look in for .dll's ? ( god,
did I really write that.. must be tired. )

BTW, had a GREAT day with our friend today. My first total production in
LINUX :MIDI (MusE..cool)>Audio (Ardour..of coarse)> CD burn >Rezound/CDRDAO.
MTC brilliant.

I'm just over the moon. I got in here at 5 AM, and I'm leaving now 7 PM.
Just 1  crash and no lost data... beautiful. Anyone says Linux aint ready
now just doesn't know the state of play. Sure things flake every now and
then... but there's always some amazing person there for you to get you
going again...and besides, anyone spent a day with Microsoft or for that
matter Apple ? I was doing things today you just can't do as well any other

What a fantastic and important day. 

Can't wait to get back in here and do some of MY stuff !

Till later

Cheers all.
( walks slowly towards door, smiling sheepishly, footsteps echoing in large
cold space, one small fart then exits into the cold night air....happy.)

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