[ardour-dev] Dual Opterons and other miscellany

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Fri Apr 8 16:35:42 PDT 2005

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To: "SAKURA" <sakura at s88003245.onlinehome.us>
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Subject: RE: [ardour-dev] Dual Opterons and other miscellany

>I believe at least one, if not two of the professional studios I know of
>that use Ardour have AMD processors on their main machines.

yeah, i read about mirror image somewhere. sounds like they got a great
setup over there.

>Gentoo is nice, but CCRMA at home may be better for a noob.

im not a complete noob to linux :) also, im not too fond of fedora.
ive tried AGNULA and Ardour runs great on it, but i want to choose exactly
what goes on my system and how its configured.
nice all-in-one distro though.

>SCons uses a python script to build applications.  It's a bit slicker
>than compiling from source manually, but if you are using Gentoo,
>wouldn't you rather just emerge Ardour?

whoops, forgot about emerge. but i dont think emerging it would build with
vst support, would it?

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Subject: Re: [ardour-dev] Dual Opterons and other miscellany

> You might want to take a look at this
> http://ardour.org/building.php
> Gives you all the info on building using scons
> Dave

wow, i never knew that page existed. thats a great help. answers a whole lot
of questions i felt were too stupid to ask here :)
guess ill be getting myself a new dual opteron system pretty soon.

thanks everyone,

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