[ardour-dev] Mono switch

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 08:56:37 PDT 2005

   Well, I've got the 002 Rack up for sale. We'll see how soon it's
gone. Anybody here thinking of going the other way? ;-) I wish I had
some way to capture all the session work in Pro Tools and bring it
over. That will be hard to recreate later if I need to.

   As I've gone through looking at the change over from Pro Tools to
Ardour (am I really doing this?) there is one thing I think I'll miss
a lot - my 002 Rack's Mono switch. None of my other outboard monitor
signal path has this. I find it important to listen periodically in
mono as it helps me make sure I'm not doing something silly.

   How do other Ardour users do this? It doesn't seem particularly
easy with Ardour and Alsa. I don't see it in Ardour, not in hdspmixer.

   Would it be difficult for someone to add a mono switch to the
Master Fader in Ardour? Could this be bound to some MIDI controller if
I was to get a small unit like Joe's BCF2000?

   If someone was to consider doing this it might also be nice to have
a timer on it such that once you push it it comes back to stereo after
some default time, most probably set in .ardourrc. There have been
times I find I'm listening in mono when I really wanted to be back in
stereo but forgot to push the switch.

   If I've missed some really easy way to do this then my apologies.
Please just point it out.


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