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On Sunday 03 April 2005 21:49, Geoff Beasley wrote:
> Thanks, I tried your idea of multiple Seq devices but I could only see one
> in JACK. 

You misunderstood and/or I wasn't clear. I described an alternative to the 
alsa-sequencer using multiple "Raw" devices. The raw devices you can find 
in /dev/snd.

Multiple seq clients is something different, although you should be able to do 
that too, I don't quite see why.
It is easy to connect any number of other sequencer clients to ardour in 
qjackctl. Just like jack itself, alsa sequencer allows any-to-any connections 
to made. 

The other points was that having both an "seq" type interface and a "raw" 
interface defined doesn't work well when more applications are trying to use 


> Any ideas??
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> On Sunday 03 April 2005 09:53, Geoff Beasley wrote:
> > Ahhhhh.. selecting midi i/o in ardour is very difficult. We have a C-Port
> > and Midiman 2x4 in each machine. Alsa mounts the C-Port as the primary
> > audio device and primary midi device.  The Midiman (usb) is the secondary
> > device. Question; how to get ardour.rc to effectively mount the 4 outputs
> > of the midiman...what /dev is it and how do you know ? Rosegarden can see
> > them all, why not ardour ?
> Rosegarden does automatic alsa-sequencer connection stuff, and hides it
> too. It is quite clever, although too clever for my taste.
> Ardour doesn't do this.
> What I do:
> remove the references to hardware midi inputs from the .ardour/ardour.rc.
> Set all the midi input ports to seq in the options window
> connect it all in qjackctl in the midi tab of the connections window.
> The alternative is to specify the ports are hardware ports in
> the .ardour/ardour.rc and thereby preventing other midi software from
> accessing that port.
> f.i.
> <MIDI-port tag="hw:1" device="/dev/snd/midiC1D0" type="alsa/raw"
> mode="duplex"/>
> will specify the first device on the second card for midi.
> Look at /dev/snd to see what you have available.
> And I guess that the 3rd and 4th port need to be specified output only but
> I
> don't know what the keyword is. Probably mode="playback" or mode="output".
> cheers
> G
> G
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