[ardour-dev] beta 28/MTC report

Aaron Trumm aaron at nquit.com
Sun Apr 3 07:03:47 PDT 2005

Hello - more on MTC and beta 28

It's working pretty well.  Last night I did work using Cakewalk Sonar (the
demo version ;) ) to be the MTC master and have ardour be the slave.  I had
to set the SMPTE offset in Cakewalk to 7 frames to get them to sit at the
same time but Ardour synced.

It did have some weird behavior though:

1 - Ardour tended to not stop when cakewalk stopped.  cakewalk would stop
and ardour would keep going.  for a little while I had ardour stopping, but
not for long.

2 - Ardour would give the option in the options editor window to slave to
MTC on a new project.  you have to create the new project and quit and go
back in the now existing project, and then it would show the option to slave
to MTC.

3 - This is unrelated - Ardour take a HELLUVA long time to open up the
create new session dialog, and a hell of a long time to open up the import
audio window *shrug*  - beta 19 didn't do this.

I didn't test having Ardour be the MTC master over Cakewalk

I was able to get a project done though.  So Ardour did pretty damned good.

Oh, and I could swear Ardour was having more xrun type trouble than with
beta19.  I can't really verify but it seemed like it. *shrug*

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