[ardour-dev] VST windows issue

vanDongen/Gilcher gml at xs4all.nl
Sun Apr 3 04:08:35 PDT 2005

On Sunday 03 April 2005 04:19, Geoff Beasley wrote:
> Folks, we've got Ardour and FST/Jack_FST working and all looks amazing. We
> had to use wine 20040505 because the later wine was trying to draw both the
> "shell" box and the vst window at the same time... seg fault. 

There is some window-management option in the .wine/config
; Allow the window manager to manage created windows
config:"Managed" = "Y"

try setting it to the opposite of what it says now.
It depends on your WM, what yje option should say.

>  One more thing, I'm missing a "save-as" feature rather a lot. Especially
> when save has been a bit flakey. It would have been nice to have the option
> of saving a complete copy to another location from within an Ardour
> session. 

How would it be different from snapshot?
Or do you mean a complete copy of the session dir, with all the audio files?

hmm, a nice feature would be not a "save as" but a "session backup" feature, 
that would make a complete self-contained copy of the session, and includes 
copies of all linked soundfiles, as well as the ones in the sounds subdir.
Ready for tarring or dvd burning.

Maybe even include a little note of the plugins and externals apps needed to 
run the session.

The next step is a seperate program that will take  ardour session(s) and will 
burn a bootable DVD that will run the sessions on any computer.
And of course on dvd players :)


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