[ardour-dev] VST windows issue

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Sat Apr 2 20:19:50 PST 2005

Folks, we've got Ardour and FST/Jack_FST working and all looks amazing. We
had to use wine 20040505 because the later wine was trying to draw both the
"shell" box and the vst window at the same time... seg fault. The issue we
have is with the wine window and the vst plug-in windows being separate the
desktop gets pretty messy very quickly and the save routine and bypass is
accessed through this "shell" window so minimizing is not a happy option. If
you append the --sync option to the end of the jack_fst command line after
the vst dll name they both draw together. Paul,  is there a way that command
could be passed to the vst plug-in when called from within Ardour ? 

BTW: MTC is sensational!!!!! beta 28/libardour 881... got to try the latest
tarball !! It's the tightest sync I've heard in 15 years of chase-locking.
My sincere congratulations ! And I like the new midi panel, big improvement.
I've got 3 major video products underway; I'll keep you informed of the
 One more thing, I'm missing a "save-as" feature rather a lot. Especially
when save has been a bit flakey. It would have been nice to have the option
of saving a complete copy to another location from within an Ardour session.
Would such a thing be difficult to incorporate?  And while I was testing the
latency between recorded clicks from two ardour machines chaselocked
together I missed the ability to get a readout from the range I created
between the two wave points. Is there a way of putting that into the big
time window so you can accurately measure the range start/end points like in
Samplitude ? Also a nudge playhead feature would be handy ( have I missed
this one ?)

Whew, I'll get back to work now !!


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