[ardour-dev] Website

Matt Walker ard.walker at divasive.com
Fri Apr 1 10:42:03 PST 2005

> I've never believed in the Open Source development
> model anyway so I'm happy to see Ardour move towards a
> model that really works. There's nothing like the
> American Capitalist business model for getting things
> done fair and right for everyone concerned.
> ron
I was gonna reply with something like "Hey Paul, to really exercise 'the 
model', you're gonna need to exploit some third world people, so PLEASE make 
sure that Avid gets the  PT/Linux T-Shirts made in a Guatemalan sweat shop by 
8 year-olds."

But then I thought, hey, somebody ought to come up with a cool design for an 
Ardour T-shirt and you could sell them on the web site. Eh?Eh? I'd buy one. 

Matt Walker

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