[ardour-dev] Re: MTC & MMC ...

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Sep 24 05:16:46 PDT 2004

>  Some correction: Yes, I'm able to slave Seq+ to MTC coming from 
>Ardour, *but* when I tried it two days ago I discovered that control is 
>very bad when the receiving sequence has a lot of tempo changes. It 
>sounded like the sequencer was always trying to catch up to the 
>timecode. Anyone have any suggestions for fixing that situation ?

it can't be fixed. ardour's MTC output stream is bursty and nothing
will ever correctly sync to it. we require usec-resolution timers to
make this work, something that no regular linux kernel has, and that
even with the HRT patch, don't seem to work too well.

>  I've still not got the hang of getting Ardour to receive MTC. I'm also 
>still learning the capabilities of the Tascam D1000 and will work with 
>Ron Parker to discover how Ardour and the mixer can best work together. 
>The D1000 sends and receives MMC, it also receives MTC.

to get that work as well as possible, i just need more time at the
studio ironing out the glitches in ardour's slave support.


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