[ardour-dev] Re: MTC & MMC ...

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Fri Sep 24 06:03:57 PDT 2004


  Some correction: Yes, I'm able to slave Seq+ to MTC coming from 
Ardour, *but* when I tried it two days ago I discovered that control is 
very bad when the receiving sequence has a lot of tempo changes. It 
sounded like the sequencer was always trying to catch up to the 
timecode. Anyone have any suggestions for fixing that situation ?

  Seq+ has a MIDI analysis page in which I can observe incoming MIDI 
messages. Is there anything in particular I should be looking for ? 
Also, is there a way to capture Ardour's own MIDI trace stuff ? I'll 
gladly keep testing this: Seq+ does not support MMC, so MTC is my only 
real hope for syncing Ardour with the external sequencer.

  I've still not got the hang of getting Ardour to receive MTC. I'm also 
still learning the capabilities of the Tascam D1000 and will work with 
Ron Parker to discover how Ardour and the mixer can best work together. 
The D1000 sends and receives MMC, it also receives MTC.

  So, back to the lab...



Third Option wrote:

>So what YOU are saying, which is different than I'm getting from other
>sources, is that MTC RECEIVE in ardour does NOT work, and MTC SEND
>>    A separate machine is running Sequencer Plus. The machine has a
>>Music Quest MQX32M standalone MIDI card routed to a Yamaha MJC8 MIDI
>>junction box. The machine running Ardour is also routed to the MJC8,
>>with MIDI sent & received via an SBLive. The sequencer syncs to MTC
>>coming from Ardour, with Ardour's Sync options set to Internal
>>Positional Sync and the Send MTC box activated. For some reason I have
>>to set the Tape Offset in Seq+ to a value > 0 before it will behave
>>correctly: does anyone know why that's so ?
>this is just always so about the offset.  i've always had my cakewalk set to
>offset to :03 seconds when I sync to darwin. it's just because it takes a
>second for the sequencer to catch the stream.
>>  I've been reading some details of the MMC message set, but I confess
>>I'm unclear as to why an MMC Start message is required before Ardour
>>will respond to MTC.
>me too.  MMC and MTC are really two entirely different things, as far as I
>understand it.  MMC is just stuff like "hey start!"  and "hey stop"  - MIDI
>Machine Control - MTC is MIDI Time Code - which is an exact replica of SMPTE
>time code and works exactly the same way.   now MTC of course sends
>start/stop commands - so...maybe it USES MMC to do so...

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