[ardour-dev] Re: [ardour-users] MTC & MMC - CORRECTION

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Sep 22 19:16:51 PDT 2004

>talking with Larry Lines (also on this list - he lurks a lot) on messenger -
>this was interesting that he just said about that:
>(20:45:02) :p larry: but you could bypass the kernel and generate your own
>timeclock so that the kernel developers would stop fucking it up

its never been in place. the task of creating usec-resolution timers
has been a major one, and its been done twice, once as the KURT
patches for 2.2, and now the HRT patches for 2.4/2.6. neither have
ever been accepted by linus. when jesse tested the HRT patches on 2.4,
they didn't seem to work anywhere nearly as well as i had hoped.

as for "bypassing the kernel", that's just ridiculous. to do the timer
properly on modern h/w, you need to use the APIC, which is central to
the role of the OS. you can't reprogram the APIC from user-space and
expect to have things work properly if at all :)

>> you can send SMPTE over any audio connection.
>yeah you can send it but you can't understand it - for example - Cakewalk

just run it through any old D/A, then feed it via a cable converter in
to the SMPTE in of any SMTPE-receiver. done.


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