[ardour-dev] Re: [ardour-users] MTC & MMC - CORRECTION

Third Option thirdoption at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 22 18:53:58 PDT 2004

> >tempo - it's not time code)
> this is not your only error, i'm afraid.

yeah no shit.  this is getting deeper than I really understand.

> because no Linux box can currently deliver MTC correctly. it requires
> an interrupt-driven timer with a resolution measured in hundreds of
> usecs. approximate it using 1msec timer? perhaps. but some devices
> won't lock to it.

talking with Larry Lines (also on this list - he lurks a lot) on messenger -
this was interesting that he just said about that:

(20:45:02) :p larry: but you could bypass the kernel and generate your own
timeclock so that the kernel developers would stop fucking it up

> >> deals with MTC and NOT straight SMPTE.
> but MTC is a discrete "packetized" protocol; SMPTE is a continuous
> stream. guess what kind of signal ardour handles more easily ...


> as mentioned above, there are very big differences in implementation
> details that make a huge difference.

right, for you ;)  not for the end user, baby! :)

> you can send SMPTE over any audio connection.

yeah you can send it but you can't understand it - for example - Cakewalk
for DOS - it doesn't have a way to read that.  what about my setup,
behringer ddx3216 mixer and an HDSP 9652 - there's no connection - first of
all, "smpte out" on the HDSP - theorhetically I could route a smpte stream
to an audio channel, but that I know of, the DDX doesn't have a way to
translate that - - see what I'm getting at?

all things I'm willing to work around but I'm sort of pushing for ardour
being viable in more places - which is of course what you're pushing for too
so hey we're on the same page there :)

> the point is this: there is nothing about MTC that requires that a
> slave has to chase it at all times. you might consider that a good

now see THIS I didn't know - I thought the EXACT opposite

> ADAT sync is easily handleable, but currently no ALSA driver provides
> ADAT sync to user-space. the code in ardour has been designed to
> handle any positional sync source.

the thing about ADAT sync that makes it lower priority to me is that there's
not a lot of sound cards that have the 9 pin sync thing - my HDSP does - but
MOST have audio and MIDI

> it includes a Locate command, which is more like what you are thinking
> of.

yeah - locate - I kept calling that song position pointer, hence my
correction mail

> --p

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