[ardour-dev] Compiling on Mac OS X 10.3

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Sep 22 04:06:08 PDT 2004

>a friend recommended Ardour to me, so I thought I'd like to give it a 
>try. The problem is that I'm not using Linux, I'm using Mac OS X. The 
>ardour website mentioned that ardour has been ported to Mac OS X, so I 
>just grabbed the 0.9beta19 source code and happily ./configure'd 

Unless Taybin says otherwise, forget it for now. We have a working OS
X version, but there is quite a bit of work to be done with the
compilation process. it will show up in CVS over the next few weeks.

>Also, I was wondering what is the KSI that can be enabled in configure. 
>Do I need that?

ardour/ksi is an interface for the ardour engine intended for users
with limited or no sight, and/or an aversion to graphical user
interfaces. its likely that you do not need it.


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