[ardour-dev] Compiling on Mac OS X 10.3

Christian Renz crenz at web42.com
Wed Sep 22 00:36:25 PDT 2004

Hi folks,

a friend recommended Ardour to me, so I thought I'd like to give it a 
try. The problem is that I'm not using Linux, I'm using Mac OS X. The 
ardour website mentioned that ardour has been ported to Mac OS X, so I 
just grabbed the 0.9beta19 source code and happily ./configure'd 

Two days and a lot of library installations and tweaks later, I finally 
coerced configure to actually complete. Now I'm running into new and 
interesting problems.

When compiling libs/midi++, gcc complains about not finding the ALSA 
headers. Can I somehow get rid of this dependance? I thought on Mac OS 
X, Ardour would use CoreAudio (via Jack, I guess) anyway.

Also, I was wondering what is the KSI that can be enabled in configure. 
Do I need that?

Thanks for your help! If I manage to compile this thingie, I might be 
able to supply a binary package.


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