[ardour-dev] Re: MTC & MMC ...

Dave Phillips dlphilp at bright.net
Tue Sep 21 15:05:15 PDT 2004


  Here's the setup I'm using to test MTC I/O:

    A separate machine is running Sequencer Plus. The machine has a 
Music Quest MQX32M standalone MIDI card routed to a Yamaha MJC8 MIDI 
junction box. The machine running Ardour is also routed to the MJC8, 
with MIDI sent & received via an SBLive. The sequencer syncs to MTC 
coming from Ardour, with Ardour's Sync options set to Internal 
Positional Sync and the Send MTC box activated. For some reason I have 
to set the Tape Offset in Seq+ to a value > 0 before it will behave 
correctly: does anyone know why that's so ?
    As reported, the other way 'round doesn't work yet. I thought that 
Seq+ has a facility to send arbitrary MIDI commands, but I haven't been 
able to find it yet. Meanwhile Ardour is set to Slave To MTC, with 
External MIDI Control checked and virmidi selected for the MTC port. 
I've experimented with various frame rates, but until I can send the MMC 
Start message nothing is happening (no sync).

  I've been reading some details of the MMC message set, but I confess 
I'm unclear as to why an MMC Start message is required before Ardour 
will respond to MTC.

  Back to the lab...

Best regards,


Paul Davis wrote:

>>>  I'm using Ardour 0.9beta19, so I figure I'd be fairly up-to-date to 
>>>try out the MTC control. I can set Ardour to slave to MTC, but it does 
>>>not respond. I checked my connections and verified that MTC is sent and 
>>>received by testing with MusE, which worked fine. I click on the play 
>>>button, Ardour waits as it should, but it seems to not notice the 
>>>incoming timecode with the same connections as are valid for MusE. Am I 
>>>behind the Ardour release curve for testing MTC ?
>Ardour doesn't chase TC all by itself. Something needs to send it a
>"Start" command (e.g. using MMC). Its arguable that it should have the
>option of "chasing" any varying TC (i.e. once TC starts to move, we
>just assume that the transport should start). I think I have that
>right :) Please be more specific about how you set up Ardour as an MTC
>slave in terms of Ardour's own options.
>Slaving has some problems right now but they are not hard to solve,
>they just require time spent close to a MTC source.
>>>  Also, I'll be testing MMC with a Tascam TM-D1000 mixer. Please advise 
>>>if there are any particular functions the team wants tested. Also, if 
>>>anyone else has used a similar mixer, please let me know of any special 
>>>tips or tricks to try. TIA!
>Ron Parker has used his DM24 with MMC to control Ardour. Seems to work

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