[ardour-dev] MTC & MMC issues Beta 19...

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Tue Sep 21 12:02:06 PDT 2004


At Jessie's request I am posting this to Ardour-dev as well after posting it 
to Ardour-users.

This was the initial post that Dave Phillips responded to...

I am trying to do this;

I need to run a sequencing app (In this case Sonar XL on an external box) to 
sync midi accurately to Ardour so I can lay my new recorded audio trax into 
Ardour. THen, when I have the takes I'm happy with, I'll mix down the synced 
midi to stero at the same time I mix down (and Master with Jamin) the voacls, 
guitars, etc.  

I can run Rosegarden and Ardour when they are both slaved to Jack 
transport...but Rosegarden is a pain... and is it accurate as in song pointer 
accurate?  And I'm not sure I can have the sounds I want in RG 
anyway...Specifically I wan't the Edirol Hypercanvas softsynth 'cause the GM2 
format and sounds are just killer!!! So that's kinda why I need to run it in 
Sonar. I have jack_vst working but Hypercanvas dies out after about 10 mins.

So far in my experimenting, when I set Ardour up to send MTC and Sonar to 
listen for it, Ardour puts up an error message like {paraphrasing} can't send 
quarter note message or something?? It's transmitting something but nothing 
Sonar will recognize.  I don't think I tried to slave ardour because that 
would defeat my purpose in keeping it synced later for mixdown / mastering.

Does Jack transport have the ability to send MMC or MTC? 

I need to get this demo ~done~.  I have tried dumping the midi stuff into a 
pre mixed stereo image in Ardour but it just doesn't work; I have no control 
over those instruments at mix down. It's hard enough to mix vocals in with 
midi generated backing as it is...If ther is some other work around, I'd luv 
to know. I am trying to avoid doing this simple demo in Windows at all. I 
look at the Sonar thing as another form of "hardware sequencer" if you will.



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