[ardour-dev] problems exporting .wav files

Geoffrey Wossum geoffrey at pager.net
Thu Sep 9 12:13:59 PDT 2004

On Thursday 09 September 2004 3:39 pm, Johan De Groote wrote:
> Rezound reads the files and gives at the end a "file read error-keeping
> what has been read". As far as I can see, the file is complete. Gwc gives a
> "soundfile not allowed" error but reads the file (however, this causes
> something to go wrong cause it further refuses to output the sound). So it
> looks as if the header or eof is malformed (this is the opinion of the
> people on the gwc mail list: the error reported comes straight from
> libsoundfile and is only passed through by gwc). I do not have problems
> exchanging
> files between the other apps.

I haven't had any problem recording with ardour, exporting, and then reading 
with gwc.  Just did it recently, in fact.

Here's my versions:
ardour 0.9beta19 (Ardour/GTK 0.529.3 running with libardour 0.827.4)
gwc 0.20-07
libsndfile 1.0.9


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