[ardour-dev] Ardour in a Box...step 2

Vieri 'Lo Steso' vieri at nes.it
Thu Oct 28 14:59:06 PDT 2004

Well guys.
Today I finished compiling Ardour on the Powerbook G3.
I started a simple new session and recorded an output from the line-in.
Kernel is still not preemptive (2.6.8) but it worked great, just some

The most important thing is that this mac has no more the 1MB L2 cache and
only 256mb. I'm using Gentoo from stage1, icewm and a very full kernel.

Step 2: use preemptive kernel and less options; working on the box
connectivity and firewire connection.

Do you remember Atari Falcon? :-)

Oh! I'm sorry for the italian's site translation but I was in Texas for
Now I'll go back to work. I would like to end before release 1.0.


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