[ardour-dev] Ahhhh-dour....mmmmm

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Mon Oct 25 15:15:27 PDT 2004

The more I use this the better I like it. I've got 22 tracks of Orch timbres and a summed stereo choir track and all is working great. I have noticed a few things tho that if they aren't there already I'd like to see. A way of destroying a take(s) at the end of a record pass, before going back to the session, like in samplitude. A way of group del/destroy waves in a session. And sometimes my keyboard short-cuts seem to stop functioning. One more thing, it is great being able to move the play-head by just grabbing it with the cursor, but maybe the "grab"area around the playhead cursor could be increased. BTW, my screen redraws  are a bit sluggish.... any tips ? I am using a ATI graphics card, maybe an Nvidia would be better ?

Really good work.


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