[ardour-dev] Midi device monitoring

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun Oct 17 17:14:28 PDT 2004

>I'm trying to use the multi-outs on my midisport 2x4 USB. I can only go out ch
>nl 1. 
>My C-Port uses /dev/snd/C0D0 and dev/snd/C0D1, my midisport is dev/snd/C1D0...
> but when I program another midi device in ardour.rc with dev/snd/C1D1 etc I g
>et no device listed under options... is there a way to see what dev number my 
>multi outs would be listed under ? 

not sure. pmidi -l might help, as might cat /proc/asound/devices, or
ls /proc/asound/cardN where N is a digit

>Thanks, and good luck with slaving... master still works fine for me.  

samplitude must do something pretty wierd for it to work :)

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