[ardour-dev] "out of disk space" problems with beta19

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Oct 15 21:54:40 PDT 2004

>I hit this situation twice recently while working on a CD project.
>Beta19 does not handle it gracefully at all.  Neither session would
>open afterwards.  The first time I only lost a little bit of work, and
>found it easier to remove the session and re-create it.  

Sorry to hear that. I did do some artificial testing of this condition
a few years back, but I suspect that much has changed since then.

I also need to fix another bug relating to missing files, and that
file would enable ardour to "gracefully" handle yours.

>The file it's complaining about is probably the one I was recording to
>when I ran out of space on the device.  I'm hoping I can edit the
>session file somehow and recover everything else, but I don't know how
>to do that safely without guidance.  Is there a known workaround?

1) make a copy of the old one
2) edit it to remove all references to that source. you will need
     to check the source ID as well.
3) test.
4) return to 2 as necessary

the audio file itself is probably salvageable too, using an editor
and/or other program that can be told the format of the file. i can
explain how to do that in a separate message if you want to try that.

>Also, "Cleanup>Flush Wastebasket" doesn't remove the dead_sounds files
>[bug:00705].  Is that intentional?  Is it ever safe to remove them by

its intentional, for now. my recommendation is to move them all out of
the session directory, then test open the session. if it works, you
can, if you wish, delete them. in theory, having them in "dead_sounds"
within the session dir is a good enough test of this.


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