[ardour-dev] Fwd: [ardour-users] fst configure error

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Oct 13 12:16:48 PDT 2004

>I have hundreds of errors when trying to build ardour...  at the
>moment I can't find the reference to libfst that got me on the path
>of trying to build libfst in the first place.

it is a common mistake. people see the message about it not being
found and think there was an error. arguably we should not even look
for it if --disable-vst is in effect (i.e. --enable-vst was not

but yes, ardour is tricky to build and thats why we recommend that
people use a distribution that supports tools like apt to make
installation of this and other audio software more or less painless. i
use PlanetCCRMA for just this purpose. i don't have time to spend on
compiling and downloading dependencies for the tools i want to try
out, and it works excellently for me.

one very common category of problem when compiling is that some
(many?) distributions divide libraries into two different packages:
one is just for use with binary versions of programs, and the other is
for use when you are going to compile another program. a lot of people
correctly think they have libfoo installed, but they actually require


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