[ardour-dev] weekly 1.0 progress report

Nick Murtagh nickm at go2.ie
Mon Nov 29 06:13:04 PST 2004

Paul Davis wrote:
> After a fruitful Thanksgiving weekend, the "TODO" list for the 1.0
> release looks like this (below).
> Notice that there is room for other people to contribute significantly
> to the 1.0 release items. Ideas for an icon? Understand GTK RC files
> and want to modularize Ryan's efforts even further? Have a better list
> of templates that should be part of the release? etc.etc.

Hi Paul,

Have you had a look at #758? I can't be the only person seeing this. I
think I've identified the problem, but lack the overall understanding of
the relationship between Session, AudioRegion, Playlist etc to fix it
myself, although I will give it another shot during the week.

Have you though about using something like Boost's shared_ptr to avoid 
this entire class of problem entirely?



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