[ardour-dev] weekly 1.0 progress report

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Nov 29 05:52:14 PST 2004

After a fruitful Thanksgiving weekend, the "TODO" list for the 1.0
release looks like this (below).

Notice that there is room for other people to contribute significantly
to the 1.0 release items. Ideas for an icon? Understand GTK RC files
and want to modularize Ryan's efforts even further? Have a better list
of templates that should be part of the release? etc.etc.

JACK sync (include #748)

cleanup issues
snapshot woes
mtc slaving fixes
software monitoring 
i18n serialization
snap crackle pop at punch ins
import external file crash
moving end pointer
protux keys + selection model
route parameters menus
freeze issues (#678 and 747)

 clock tick field working
 region list menu cleanup
 edit region length from region editor clocks
 zoom tool show (-) when ctrl is pressed
 tap reverb combo list snafu
 #271 (something related still happens)

for 1.0
full template set
disk i/o tool
latency tester
static linkage?
check ALSA MIDI configuration
sample session?
modular theme

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