[ardour-dev] midi interface query

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Nov 9 19:29:45 PST 2004

> I've got a midisport 2x4 connected to my PC, but Adour only lists 1 output...
>hw:0, how do I get the other 3 outputs listed ?

in simple terms, you can't.

what is in ardour's lists are actually the JACK ports. JACK opens a
single ALSA PCM device. the ALSA driver for the midisport presents
each output pair as a single PCM device.

in a more complex world, you could define a virtual PCM device in ALSA
that includes all 4 devices, and have JACK open it. this works for
some kinds of h/w, and not for others. i have no idea if it will work
for the midisport.


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