[ardour-dev] Testing 09beta14-1

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Fri May 21 16:15:14 PDT 2004


* A slight inconsistency in the new region list handling (I think): Undo 
after the one change that created "foo.2" does not remove "foo.2" from 
regions. So you can have two different sets of regions with the exact 
same audio.
* Link button says "link" when pressed, "unlink" when released.
* I had crashes with the add track during playback + remove thing. Btw: 
_If_ the problem in allowing this is the audio engine/muxing why not 
offer a user option to always mux in n "reserve" tracks? You set and 
forget n, get a message when n is exceeded. Thin ice.
* This is not 09beta14-1 specific, just came across it for the first 
During looping I mousewheel varispeed to something below 1,0. Transport 
hits the end of the loop and stops. Yet there's audio, it's probably 
the last buffers looping. I mousewheel varispeed++. As soon as it 
crosses 1,0 transport jumps back to loop-start and loops.
During looping I take varispeed to something above 1,0. Transport 
crosses the end of the loop and goes on. Feels kind of cute because it 
makes you want to give the engine enough inertia to cross that loop 
* I take the freedom to attach two very small screenshots of something 
that is too odd for my limited vocabulary. It's loop mode, pass 1 and 
pass 2. I didn't touch anything (happened after borking click, takes 
place in a copied region), promise.


Ardour/GTK 0.510.2
libardour 0.810.2
(new session)

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