[ardour-dev] deep design question: help requested (rapidly)

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue May 18 16:27:16 PDT 2004

>1) normal copy
>	- this makes a duplicate with the intend to alter it
>	- gets a new name (nice to see where it from originated)
>2) ghost copy
>	- this is the equivalent of a unix symlink; editing one (any) instance
>          makes is also effective in all other 'ghost copies'
>	- basicly there are multiple instances of the same part; 

thanks to everyone who chimed in.

it turned out that the code wasn't quite as far from the desired
behaviour as i thought, and the solution was simpler than i thought.

we will do "symlinking" in a future version of ardour. it adds a huge
level of complexity to the internals of the program, even though from
a user perspective, its very straightforward. 

the current model is as follows:

    we have a region called "foo.1"
    we copy it.
    the new region is called "foo.1", and no new region
        appears in the region list
    any edit to either of these two regions will
        cause that region to be renamed "foo.2"
	and at that time "foo.2" will appear 
	in the region list.

simple, straightforward. you wouldn't be able to imagine the code
machinations required to support this :)


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