[ardour-dev] cvs commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue May 11 17:41:06 PDT 2004

>Sorry if this is wrong, but no one has mentioned the REAL problem here. 
>If a certain plugin/input/output on a track is an invalid combination,
>Ardour should not even let you insert that plugin at the time of the
>insert attempt, let alone save it.
>In other words, why code to catch the invalid combination on session
>load?  Just try to make sure the user can never do it, then you won't
>have to worry about it.

yes, thats obvious, and we have code to do this. but we are trying to
get to a point where this actually works :)

i have done tests here where ardour has refused to insert plugins
because of configuration problems. i am trying to understand what is
happening to jan ...

meanwhile, i've discovered that i've definitely hosed something
important with this afternoon's changes :(


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