[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sat May 8 06:08:56 PDT 2004

   * Karsten's option editor + ALSA sequencer midiport patch
   * ckg's automation patch
   * much more work on plugin automation
        - plugin UI automation control buttons now work
	- plugin parameters support off/play/write/touch modes
	- automation tracks have working automation control buttons

   * new tracks/busses with 2in/2out have panning forced to hard

   * the 2d panner now works again, where "works" is up for debate.
     I don't like the distribution algorithm it uses, but it does
     do something. I have only tested 3 channel output so far. There
     are still some problems getting it to update when adding outputs.

   * automation "touch" mode is now equivalent to "play" when not

   * other minor bug fixes
   * ardour/gtk 0.504.0
     libardour  0.804.0
     libmidi++  1.9.1

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