[ardour-dev] gtkpixscrollbar

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Tue Mar 9 15:38:25 PST 2004

Paul Davis wrote:
>>So, I should call:
>>		 gtk_pixscrollbar_new	(GdkPixmap *floater,
>>					 GdkBitmap *floater_mask,
>>					 GdkPixmap *background,
>>					 GdkBitmap *background_mask,
>>					 GtkAdjustment *adjustment,
>>					 int           do_reset);	
>>I'm confused about how to define the floater, floater_mask, background, 
> when you create a pixmap from XPM data (or an XPM file) you get two
> data structures, the pixmap and a bitmap (1 bit pixmap). the bitmap is
> the "mask". so, to create a custom scrollbar, get the XPM data (or
> some other image format that can be used to create a pixmap), create
> the pixmap for the floater (the "knob") and the background, then pass
> in both pixmaps and bitmaps.
> clear?

as mud.

In alsaplayer the pixmaps are #include at the start of the file. Is 
there a recommended way to do this or should I use an absolute path?

> --p
> ps. this comes from gdam. you may want to check on their GTK+2 port,
>     if any.

Still nothing on that front. Ardour is the leader so I'm working from here.

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