[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Mar 9 11:40:12 PST 2004

     - fix for "Destroy Last Capture" bug, plus a correction for
           a thinko that caused a segv if DLC done twice between

     - removed 2 Region/AudioRegion constructors
     - fairly done with new model for Region management (internally,
         not user-visible). Please test this by just using Ardour.
	 If it doesn't work, I think it will be fairly obvious

     - SMPTE frames-per-second can be edited from the options editor
     - SMPTE offset (what absolute time with respect to audio frame
           zero is SMPTE 0:0:0:0) can be edited from the options
     - recent session dialog doesn't have "subtrees" for sessions
           with just a single state (snapshot)
     - xfade editor changes 
         - "shade under line"
         - fix left offset of wave display
     - buttons/arrows on editor vertical scrollbar now work
     - mouse wheel events now scroll canvas, not change mouse mode
     - small changes in editor region list display
     - template selector hidden in new session dialog if the user
          has no templates
     - fix problem with exporting caused by JACK transport fixes
     - always store to current snapshot file, do not make read-only
         anymore (might cause problems on older sessions with
           snapshots if editing the snapshot)
     - fix JACK transport fixes to be dependent on being JACK
           transport master, not JACK time master.
     - MMC buttton relabelled "External MIDI Control", and moved
         to MIDI tab of Options editor, along with "Send MMC"
     - a few Option Editor tweaks.

    libardour:  0.730.0 
    ardour/gtk: 0.455.0	   	   

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