[ardour-dev] Translate the Homepage...first of all

Vieri 'Lo Steso' poe at softhome.net
Sat Jun 26 05:25:09 PDT 2004

At 11.58 26/06/2004 +0200, Chris Ross wrote:
>Perhaps mentioning the internationalizations on the ardour homepage would 
>be a good start. It is already available in a variety of

Sure. I prefer to wait Paul who write it down, then I will translate his 
"car feelings". :-)

>languages: French, Italian, German, Portuguese (both Portugal and Brazil) 
>and Russian off the top of my head. It would be good to mention this, it 
>probably even a selling point. Apologies to anyone whose translation I missed.

Tomorrow I translated index.html and many others. It's quite finished. Who 
is the one to send html files?

Vieri&Lulu' (Suzuki GSF600N Blue '00)

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