[ardour-dev] Ehiyaaaa!! :-)

Vieri 'Lo Steso' poe at softhome.net
Fri Jun 25 23:27:36 PDT 2004

Ok, please hit me. :-)
It passed a long time, maybe two year, since I don't write or read Ardour ml.
I'm really sorry because of the italian language support and so many other 
things I started with you, all.

So first of all what happened: I had no computer. :-) Easy, isn't it?
Since I'm a student I have few money or not at all.. :-D
Well, now I bought a stupid Celeron and...taratataaaa....Powerbook. :-D
Ok, ok it's an old G3 Lombard 400Mhz, but it works very well...with LINUX. :-)

That's it. I compiled a specific Gentoo dist only for Ardour and Jack.
Now, on my free time I hope to download cvs and start to take a look at
your progress. You are great! I heard about the _big step_. :-)

My idea is really stupid, but I want to make a 1U with the powerbook inside,
linux and Ardour. As Mackie d8B if you know. The control surface will be made
by myself thanks to www.ucapps.de . ;-)

Paul? If you want, I hope to go on with Italian int... Both manual and 
Are there any int... ?

Ah, The Ardour in a Box project will have an homepage.

Vieri&Lulu' (Suzuki GSF600N Blue '00)

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