[ardour-dev] What to expect with V1 ?

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Fri Jun 25 19:33:41 PDT 2004

Paul and everyone; 

what is a reasonable expectation  for v1 stabilty/funtionality please ? I'm just wondering what the acceptable fault/bug tolerance is from the developers perspective. I know Paul has stated that as many bugs as possible will be dealt with from Mantis prior to release 1 but thought I would get some feedback from you now it is getting closer to the proposed date.

I'm planning to create a single monolithic machine with multi-processors, bulk ram, raid etc and have it do midi/audio/fx/synths. so felt it was appropriate at this time to ask as I need to buget/desgin the new box and hardware config.	

I do a lot of media work with quicktime and avi vid's and  was also wondering if the video playback server was going to be included in v1 or is that for later ?

I can see that Paul, Taybin and all you other great visionaries out there have been tirelessly working to further this most exiting and laudable project (ardour/jack) as well as ladspaa and vsti server and so many other great apps... I guess I'm getting pretty damn excited  about it all. Rest assured I will be paying something for all this when it is ready, and will promote it to all I know in the industry.

Paul, for what it's worth, I love to read your cvs commit's postings; the progress just keeps on coming. I wish I had a reliable linux at the moment that could run Muse .7 rc3 and Ardour and Rosegarden with good latency and no x-runs but i can't seem to crack it at the moment. Stiil, I'm sure I will get there again soon.

Keep up the good work, it's looking so good !


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