[ardour-dev] StreamPanners can MUTE?

Jeremy Hall jhall at maoz.com
Thu Jun 17 21:46:19 PDT 2004

I mean io when I write ui (I must be tired)

but I'm trying to set a pan position.  It would be an error after running 
new_audio_route() for _route.panner() to return empty?

How many panners are created, anyway? one? why a vector then? I want


right? I'm supposed to have connected my outputs/inputs first?


In the new year, Paul Davis wrote:
> >Does the app call set_position or what? How does a route, for example, get 
> >a panner assigned to it? 
> the route sets up its own panner based on its input,output+redirect
> setup. you don't need to do anything. you shouldn't do anything, in fact.
> >			  I don't have enough hardware to learn to define a 
> >2d panner.  
> heh. me neither.
> 	     when I went looking through ui.h I didn't see anything that 
> >adds a panner to a UI object.
> correct. but ui.h? io.h ?
> >UI.panner() is supposed to get me a panner, but set_position() wants a 
> IO::panner() returns Panner*. this is an object with a list of
> StreamPanners. 

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