[ardour-dev] editing

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Jun 9 18:24:49 PDT 2004

>> > -If we want to move a region while keeping
>> > synchronization (shift+click), and the region is
>> > selected, we have to unselect it before, which is
>> a
>> > bit  boring.
>> Ah you mean, you have one region selected and you
>> shift-click on another
>> one but want to move it immidiatelly?
>If you do it, you would select the two regions, but
>they wouldn't keep any time synchronization, cause you
>'ve got to have no region selected and then
>shift-click on one to move it (a bit difficult to
>explain for me)

>I'm not sur you can select more than one region and
>move them with keeping time synchronisation.
>It would be great for editing

this has been changed in CVS to use meta, precisely to allow this.


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