[ardour-dev] 0.9beta16.1 - lost/corrupted regions

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Wed Jun 9 08:02:49 PDT 2004

derek holzer wrote on Wed, 09-Jun-2004:

 > Jesse Chappell wrote:
 > > I believe the data is there.  Try opening the wave files using
 > > the raw file open capabilites of an editor such as rezound.  You
 > > know the samplerate, it is one channel, and the format is 32bit
 > > floating point.  I think you'll be able to recover it and save
 > > it as a new wave.  Use a recent version of rezound (which has
 > > 32bit float native samples).
 > I tried opening them in Rezound, and got an unknown file format error. I 
 > also tried the same thing with Snd, where I could manually input the 
 > format parameters, and they opened as "no data". Sndfile-info cannot 
 > determine anything. Yes, of course the data is still there, but not in a 
 > form which anything can read. As I mentioned, trying to open them in any 
 > way with Ardour usually gives a segfault. I'm away fomr that machine 
 > right now, but I'll try further this eve, also on another machine with 
 > the same beta, and see what happens.
Rezound also has an "Open Raw" option where you can specify the
parameters.   Do the file sizes look wrong?  The "no data" from
snd implies to me either a truncated file or a filesystem problem.


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