[ardour-dev] 0.9beta16.1 - lost/corrupted regions

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Tue Jun 8 21:36:24 PDT 2004

derek holzer wrote on Wed, 09-Jun-2004:

 > Second time tonight that I've opened Ardour back up and found some 
 > regions corrupted. The first was after a the system-hanging crash I've 
 > already written about, the second was just after shutting Ardour down 
 > and restarting it. One region of the three recorded does not show up. 
 > Attempting to reload the region "manually" results in segfault. My guess 
 > is that somehow the soundfile or header is corrupted, as the others were 
 > after my big crash. Haven't figured out how to recover any of them. 
 > Seems like a pretty major bug to me.
 > Wouldn't be so bad if I was just "testing" Ardour, but what I've lost is 
 > a track for a video I've been busy with for three days... :-(

I believe the data is there.  Try opening the wave files using
the raw file open capabilites of an editor such as rezound.  You
know the samplerate, it is one channel, and the format is 32bit
floating point.  I think you'll be able to recover it and save
it as a new wave.  Use a recent version of rezound (which has
32bit float native samples).

But, yes, that kind of thing is very troublesome, and it would
e good ti figure out if its the FS or ardour's fault.  Obviously
the crash itself stemmed from something ardour triggered...


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